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We meet Fazura and see her start a new chapter in her life. From actress, to designer to now singer. We also learn about her friendships which are sacred to her. Her tight-knit crew, form an extended family. Her friends are so important to her that many of them end up working for her or professionally advising her. How much exactly can her friends tell her, honestly and openly? During this episode we learn about Fazura’s friends and the roles they all play in one-another’s lives. And when a party ends on a sour note, will she have lost one of her closest friends, forever?


The episode sees Fazura try to repair a broken friendship with fellow actor, Sara Ali and Fashion Editor, Vee. After being prompted by friend Randy, an LA DJ, Fazura decides to fix her friendship with Sara, she is caught off guard when another actor reveals that Sara has been speaking unkindly about her. She confides in bestie Lisa Surihani whilst in the makeup chair. The two believe that Fazura should still give Sara the benefit of the doubt and Fazura tries to contact her to arrange a meet. Meanwhile, Fazura approaches Vee to ask for forgiveness after throwing her in the pool at her birthday party. Will Vee forgive Sara? Farid reveals that Sara is unable to meet with Fazura. It seems that one friendship has been saved while another has ended.


In 2013, Fazura covertly began dating her co-star in Manisnya Cinta, Shaheizy Sam, one of the most popular actors in Malaysia. The relationship ended earlier this year, without closure and the two have not seen one another since. Now they are to meet at the premiere of the film and Fazura is nervous … it’s a moment she has been dreading and in the lead up to the event, she wonders how Sam will react toward her. She goes online to talk to her fans – do you need to fix your past or face your future? She wonders, can you actually be friends with your ‘ex’? As the premiere approaches, Fazura knows that she and Sam will need to pretend on the red carpet; be cordial to one another as they carry out their publicity duties. But Fazura realizes that at some point during the night, she must find Sam and confront their break up. Is this a good idea or could it all backfire, right in the glare of the paparazzi’s lens?


Fazura is very close to her mother, a private person who is happy for her daughter to take the spotlight. One of her brothers is a Professor at University Malaya. Her other brothers help in her fashion business, with one running the store. These are the relationships she holds dear. Bonds made all the more stronger by the death of her father, 14 years ago, yet something Fazura has had a tough time coming to terms with. Fazura sits down with her mother and they reminisce about him. Fazura shares the conversation she has had with her brothers and they wonder whether losing their father has impacted Fazura in terms of the ‘company she keeps’? She has many male friends and has had her fair share of male suitors but she has never settled down – what’s the problem? Could she be looking for a man just like her father?


Fazura looks to the future both personally and professionally. She meets up with friend, Yuna to ask advice about her music career. She then discusses her desire to set up an animal charity ‘Fluffy Warriors’. Finally, she starts planning her music video. The journey ends with Fazura’s movie premiere where afterward she reveals to her friends her plans to start her world domination – first stop, Hollywood.