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Series Synopsis

2014 has been a very busy year for Nur Fazura. It’s also been a significant one. Having just celebrated her 31st birthday, it’s given her cause to reflect on her life. The last three decades have certainly been eventful… with the later part marred by controversies left, right and centre. Whilst professionally Fazura thrives, she doesn’t have the public 100% on her side. With a loving family behind her and a supportive group of friends, she wonders why she is seen as the celebrity with a ‘reputation.’ People often think of her as the party girl, not the good Malaysian girl. Defying convention, and notions of how women should behave in proper society, she seemingly flaunts her sexuality in the media. What’s more, she keeps the company of many males and has been involved in several high-profile romances, and also a fair number of public spats. What’s all that about?
If she were to confront her past, right some of her wrongs and show people who she really is –  not just the girl in the magazines and movies – would people think differently of her? In her 31st  year, this is her mission: to challenge people’s perceptions of the Fazura they think they know and instead, begin to understand the complex character that she really is. By confronting her past, can she have a brighter future and leave all the hullabaloo behind? It’s time for Fazura to face up to… herself.